Hirschsprung’s Disease: How One Man Had 30 Lbs of Feces Removed from Colon


From time to time, we let our sound day by day diets escape us. So we up getting sponsored up and experience some difficulty heading off to the restroom for possibly a day or two. In any case, and, after its all said and done, the swelling, inconvenience, and stomach torment can be unendurable. That is the reason we were overwhelmed to catch wind of somebody who had been supported up for a long time!

A 23-year-old Chinese man named Zhou Hai had about 30 pounds of dung expelled from his body after it became affected in his colon. In the wake of griping about stomach torment that was making it difficult for him to breath or talk, he advanced toward the clinic. When he was conceded and had a CT examine, it uncovered that his colon was loaded up with precisely 28.6 pounds of excrement! Over, through the span of two decades, it had made it gotten amazingly kindled and enlarged. (1)

“It seemed as though it could detonate whenever,” said Yin Lu of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, he and others played out the medical procedure. (2)

Fortunately, the specialists said he would have no issue recuperating. The fruitful medical procedure, which took around three hours, permitted Hai to dispose of the 30-inch, 30-pound some portion of his colon that specialists state was brought about by Hirschsprung’s ailment.

What Is Hirschsprung’s Disease?

Although it’s not clear what exactly causes this disease, it seems to be hereditary and in some cases may be due to a genetic mutation. The condition is also more common in males, and in those with other inherited conditions such as Down’s syndrome and congenital heart disease. Hirschsprung’s disease affects the large intestine (i.e., colon) in a way that prevents bowel movements. Babies who are born with this condition are missing nerve cells in the muscles of their colon and often fail to have a bowel movement in the first 48 hours of birth.

However, if left untreated, as in Hai’s cause, it can cause a “mega colon,” or abnormal dilation of the colon. Thankfully, doctors can safely treat Hirschsprung’s disease performing an operation to remove the affected part of the colon.


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