Just 10 Months After Giving Birth, This Athlete Breaks One of Usain Bolt’s Records


A champion is defined as a person who has defeated all rivals in a competition. Allyson Felix fits this description threefold.

First, she won gold in her 12th World Championship relay race, beating out Usain Bolt for having the most gold medals. Two, she came out on top in a wage battle against Nike. Three, despite all odds, she accomplished both postpartum.

For women in sports, getting pregnant can be like signing a death warrant of their careers. Companies that supported them sometimes back out or pay them less than before, with the seeming implication that these women are ‘past their prime.’

Thirty-three-year-old Allyson Felix turned stereotypes on their head when she ran the mixed-gender 4×400 relay race at the World Championship and won gold a mere 10 months after birthing a premature baby via emergency cesarean section. Felix refused to give up the dream of becoming a mother and the dream of continuing to be a gold medal racer.

A Difficult Pregnancy

For most of her life, Felix concentrated on winning medals and scored the Olympic gold medal six times and was decorated as a world champion 11 times. At the age of 32, a new desire arose within her: to be a professional athlete and a mother.

Well into the pregnancy, Felix developed severe preeclampsia, a condition that brought on severely high blood pressure and many other risks for her and the unborn baby. The doctors had to birth the child quickly to keep both of them safe. On November 28, 2018 Camryn Felix was born at 32 weeks. She was three pounds and seven ounces, and had to spend the following 29 days in NICU. [1]

Somehow between the difficulties of a dangerous pregnancy and the sorrows of having an infant in intensive care, Felix got back to work training for the next competition and won gold.

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