Useful Tips For A Successful No-Spending Month.


Set Reminders

I got myself overlooking a couple of times that we were having a no-spend month. If you don’t post updates, you can regularly overlook and end up in the drive-through line getting breakfast. It’s anything but difficult to post a couple of post-it notes as a basic update. You can likewise post a few updates for what you are putting something aside for.

Check Your Calendar

Ensure you check your schedule before you start the test. We had three swim meets the month we did the no-spend challenge. It was anything but a big plan, we simply made a point to have an arrangement for how we would pay for the swim meets. I wouldn’t suggest doing a no-go through month during December or a month that has a ton of birthday events. Possibly find a month that isn’t so occupied for your family and attempt one during that month.

Try A Short Time First

If you are worried about a no go through month possibly begin with only seven days. Or then again you could generally do a no-spend the end of the week. When you get its hang, you can go longer timeframes with a no-spend challenge. This was the first occasion when we had done a no-spend challenge and we began with a month, yet I could see it being a lot simpler beginning a littler scale.

Have you done a no-spend challenge previously? What tips do you have for a no-spend month?