10 Car Hacks That Everyone With A License Should Know


There is nothing quite like driving in the middle of the night, when the world is asleep and the roads are clear, giving you a sense of freedom very rarely felt. A car tends to help with that endeavor, and it never hurts to know how to better maintain your car so that it would stay by your side for as long as possible.

Here are 10 car hacks for you from car veterans from all around.

 1. Defogging the car

During winter, cars are prone to fogging up, the windows and windshield omitting the notion of visibility. To deal with this issue rather quickly and efficiently, turn your AC on hot. Keep it on for a minute or two, then crack your windows open. By that time, the windows and windshield will have cleared up.

2. Hand sanitizer

Germaphobe, you say? Well, I am, but applying hand sanitizer from your door locks also melts the ice from them. Never hurts killing off the germs there, too.

3. Dents

You can restore a dent to its former smooth texture by means of a plunger. Just press it on the dent until you get that suction going, then pull at it. The dent should be removed.

4. Lined cup holders

You can use silicon cupcake liners to keep your cup holders from getting dirty.

5. Warm food

You can keep your food warm by putting on a car seat and turning on the heat!

6. Windshield protection

Keep a tablecloth on your windshield at night so as to protect it from cumbersome frost.

7. Bug removal

Stuck bugs? Two words: dryer sheets. Wet one in warm water, then wipe the bugs off of your windshield or bumper with the utmost of ease.

8. Q-tips

You can clean your car’s air vents using a Q-tip to reach the hard spots.

9. Pool noodles

If you’re a sloppy parker, line your garage with pool noodles to ward off the potential dents and scratches.

10. Emergency kit

Having an emergency kit in your trunk can never hurt. In fact, it will help you when you’re in a pinch. Include everything in it from flashlights, a first aid kit, water, energy bars and anything you might need.


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