10 different safety pin uses you should try out


Safety pins are super useful but people seem to narrow down their uses to two ones, which are pinning hems and mending clothes. There are many many safety pins that you have to know about because they’re going to make a lot of things easier for you. Without further ado here are 10 different safety pin uses you should try out.

1. Prevent Thefts

source: Lady Light Travel

Thieves and pickpockets are dangerous people that you should always be careful to avoid being another victim in their list. To prevent thieves from breaking into your bag or purse, use a safety pin to hook the zipper.

2. Conceal Bra Straps

source: The Lingerie Addict

You can make a regular bra a racerback style one by connecting the two straps in the middle with a safety pin.

3. Clean A Garlic Press

source: Today / Amazon.com

Cleaning garlic presses is super difficult. To solve that problem, get the garlic remnants out of the tiny crevices using a safety pin.

4. Keep Socks Together

source: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

If you don’t want to waste time sorting pairs of clean socks, then use a safety pin to secure the matching pairs before throwing them into the washing time.

5. Thread Drawstrings

source: Chica and Jo

If you want to thread a drawstring, then secure a safety pin to the end and start pushing it through the hole to use as a guide in order to pull it around the entire length of the slot.