10 Easy Ways Of Getting Rid Of Mice & Rats Without Harming Them.

A brown house mouse, Mus musculus,darting across a pile of cereal.

If you live in an old house or in the country, you’ve likely seen a mouse or even a rat in your home before. Mice might be annoying, but they’re not as harmful as rats. But people don’t like welcoming these two creatures in their homes, especially because they’re a pain in the ass to get rid of. We collected for you these 10 simple and unharmful methods to keep mice and rats away from your home.

1. Get Rid Of Dampness

Mice and rats come into our homes looking for haven and water. They will search for a type of water source and particularly love dark, sodden storm cellars. Get a dehumidifier and fix any broken funnels as an initial phase in stopping critters from your home.

2. Fix Holes

While more seasoned homes are increasingly vulnerable to mice, all homes will urge them to come in if you have gaps in your establishment, siding, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Use caulking and different supplies to fix any openings or splits on the outside of your home.

3. Inside Holes

Speaking of holes, if you experience gaps and splits on the inside of your home, you can use steel fleece to stuff them. Steel fleece is one of only a handful of scarcely any things mice won’t bite through.

4. Moth Balls

This seems like a hack your grandma may propose, yet it really works. Mice completely detest the smell of mothballs, so you can put them in your cellar or different regions where you think mice are covering up. Just remember that mothballs aren’t alright for your pets, so be certain that they can’t get to them.