10 silica gel packet uses you never knew before

Silica gel is a product that we come across very often and we never use it because we usually throw it away. Silica gel packets usually come with bought products to protect them from mold and rot because the packets absorb the vaporized air. So, without further ado, here are 10 silica gel packet uses you never knew before.

1. Dry Flowers

You can dry your flowers after giving them a careful trim by covering them with silica gel and they will look nice and fresh again. You will need many gel packets to do this, go to a craft store and get yourself some silica gel.


2. Save your phone

If your phone fell in the water, you can use silica gel packets instead of rice. Put your phone and batterie in different sealable bags and fill them with as many silica gel packets s you can, then let them sit for an entire night and you’ll be surprised.


3. Keep your pumpkin fresh

If Halloween is close and your pumpkins rot very quickly, then you should use silica gel packets to keep moisture away from them. Simply put a few packets in your carved pumpkin(s) to keep them mold-free for a good amount of time.

4. Protect your leather shoes

If you want to keep mold away from your leather shoes, then put a handful of silica gel packets in your leather shoes to suck the moisture out of them. This method works for running shoes as well.

5. Dry your swimsuit

You can suck out moister from damp swimsuits by putting them in ziplock bags with a few silica gel packets.

6. Protect your books

To protect old books from getting musty by either placing the book(s) in ziplock bags to get rid of musty smells or by simply putting silica gel packets in your books’ covers

7. Keep your window clear

If you own a car, then you probably know that windows get really foggy when there’s cold weather. To clear them, simply put a few silica gel packets on your car’s dashboard.

8. Protect your pics

Keep moisture away from your pictures by putting silica gel packets in your photo frames right behind the picture.

9. Keep your seeds safe

Stored seeds can be affected by moisture, that is why you should try using this method to protect them from moisture. Put the seeds in a regular shoebox with a packet of silica gel to keep moisture away from the seeds.


10. Protect ammunition

If you are a gun enthusiast and own a gun license, then you probably own a gun along with some ammunition, and if you want to protect it from rust, add some silica gel to your ammo storage.


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