10 summer flowers for a beautiful garden


Summer is certainly the season when we spend the most time in the garden!
So the outside needs to look beautiful and present you with its best flowers.
Discover our selection of 10 summer flowers for the bed.

Flowering shrubs in summer

Shrubs are planted at the foot of the bed to create beautiful volumes. These round shrubs dress the bed with their large leaves. In summer, they add a touch of colour with their flowers.

Hydrangea :

Amable : Hydrangea macrophylla Mousseline
Flowering: from June to October
Flower colour: spherical inflorescences, blue in acid soil and pale pink in limestone soil
Exposure : half-shade
Soil: rich, drained, acid to neutral
A little extra: a very flowery variety

Rose Tree

Variety: Pink Anatasia® ‘Adamariat
Flowering: June to October
Flower colour: white, turbid roses with yellow centres
Exposure: sun
Stage: Light
That little bit extra: lush foliage and an intoxicating fragrance
Summer flowering perennials

Perennials are a must in flower beds. If kept in place, they will bloom again every year in summer.


Variety: Salvia nemorosa ‘Noche de mayo’.
Flowering: from May to September
Flower colour: umbels of blue-purple flowers
Exposure: sun, twilight
Soil: drained, even dry
A little extra? One of the hardiest of the wild, above -15°C.


all summer flower

Variety: Phlox paniculata Amethyst
Flowering: July to September
Flower colour: small flowers with pink petals and a dark pink centre.
Exposure: sun
Soil: rich and deep
Extra: fragrant flowers, containing honey and nectar.
summer vine

Is your bed against a wall or fence? Don’t forget to plant climbing plants! They take up little space in the ground, cover the wall and decorate it with flowers.


Variety: Clematis ‘Etoile Nacrée’ (Pearl Star)
Flowering: May-June and August-September
Flower colour: large, very light purple, star-shaped flowers, before turning white.
Exposure: sun, half-light (foot in the shade)
Soil: Drained, cool, rich and light
That certain something: ideal as a backdrop against a wall

Sugar peas

Variety: Lathyrus odoratus spencer ‘fire blight’.
Flowering: June to August
Flower colour: butterfly-shaped flowers in bright red clusters.
Exposure: sunny
Soil: Drained and rich
Is it a sure thing? Give off a sweet, musky scent

Summer flowering bulbs

We plant them in the spring to flower in the summer. Some stay in place all year round, while others are dug up for the winter. The advantage is that you can easily change them for a new bed every summer!

Lily (or lily)

Variety: Lilium leichtlinii
Flowering time: July to August
Flower colour: curved, trumpet-shaped flowers, yellow with purple flecks.
Exposure: sun, half-light (foot in the shade)
Soil: Drained and rich
That little bit extra: suitable for a mountainous hillside


Variety: Agapanthus ‘Northern Star’.
Flowering: June to August
Flower colour: blue flower umbels, petals striped with a darker blue centre.
Exposure: sunny
Soil: rich, well-drained
A little extra: a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Summer directories

They do not survive the autumn, but their bloom is as beautiful as it is transitory. Annual flowers give the small country the feeling that only they have the secret.

Bégonia semperflorens

Variety: Begonia semperflorens ‘Super Olympia Rose’.
Flowering: May to November
Flower colour: hollow flowers with round petals and a dark pink and golden yellow centre.
Exposure: sun, partial shade, shade
Soil: cool, drained, fertile, acid to neutral
A little reminder? It can withstand good and bad weather,


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