10 Unexpected Yet Clever Uses For Lip Balm


Lip balm plays a huge role in my routine, it’s the most important skincare item to me and I have plenty of it in my car, my purse, my vanity… Because dry, chapped lips are the worst. But aside from moisturizing our lips, lip balm has many other uses for many unexpected things.

1. Eyeshadow Primer

If you want to give your eyeshadow some intensity and staying power, apply some neutral lip balm to your eyelids then apply your eyeshadow like how you normally would.

2. Target Chapped Nostrils

If you had a cold recently, there’s a big chance that you have dry and chapped nostrils, especially if you constantly blow your nose. Lip balm can soothe the dryness. You only have to apply some of it on your nostrils and say goodbye to the dryness.

3. Cuticle Cream

When your cuticles become dry and weak, simply apply some lip balm to them! This is incredible for those occasions when you don’t have cuticle oil close by.

4. Forestall Hair Dye Disasters

In case you’re getting your hair colored (or doing it without anyone else’s help), apply some lip analgesic along your hairline to keep the color from recoloring your skin.

5. Forestall Blisters

Before slipping on a couple of shoes that for the most part give you rankles, apply some lip medicine to the rear of your heels and sides of your toes.

6. Fragrance Primer

If you truly need your scent to wait for the duration of the day, apply a smidgen of lip analgesic to your skin before spritzing that region.

7. Unstick A Zipper

In case you’re battling with a stuck zipper, essentially apply some lip analgesic to the teeth on either side of the zipper.

8. Get A Ring Unstuck

If you’ve put on a ring and it won’t fall off your finger, apply some lip analgesic to your skin to enable the ring to slide off more effectively.

9. Shoe Shine

Have some calfskin shoes that are looking somewhat dull? Apply some lip analgesic to the shoes before buffing it out.

10. Tame Fly-Aways

If you have plenty of baby hair or hair with a propensity to stand up, smooth them down with a limited quantity of lip emollient.


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