10 useful tips to keep your car clean

Cars are such a pain when it comes to keeping them clean, but you can’t leave it dirty for a long time because mold can start forming, and annoying bugs are going to find it a tourist attraction. Of course, there has to be some food involved in your car’s overall mess, that is why in this article 10 useful tips to keep your car clean are going to be presented.

1. Vacuum the interior

If you take your car to a local gas station to be cleaned, then it is not enough. Get yourself a handheld vacuum to have access to all the nooks and crannies that are usually hard to reach. To have more access and reach, try adjusting the seats back and remove all the mats to clean the floor as well.

2. Clean the floor mats
When you get the mats out of the car, clean them too. If you have fabric floormats then use the vacuum cleaner, and if you have rubber floor mats, then use a mild soap to clean them. Wash both the top and bottom side of the floormats.
3 Clean the seats
Get yourself an auto-fabric cleaner and apply it on your seat, then start scrubbing gently using a cleaning brush. If the stains are deep and hard to remove, then consider getting a foaming cleanser. If your seats are made of leather, then use a leather cleaner and after that use the vacuum again.
4. Clean the electronics
The same things that you use to clean your TV and computer can be used to clean your car’s electronics. Use canned air to get rid of the dust, then spray electronics cleaner and start cleaning gently and carefully
5. Clean dashboard
if you have a plastic dashboard, use a mild soap and microfiber cloth to clean it. If there is too much dirt on your dashboard then consider using an auto interior cleaner like the one used on leather upholstery. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach and clean the spots that are hard to reach.
6. Clean the windows and mirrors
Get yourself an ammonia-free glass cleaner, because ammonia will damage the rubber and rubber sealing around the windows. To avoid streaking make sure to use a microfiber cloth, and for a better result make sure to clean twice.
7. Clean your headlights
Headlights if left dirty can eventually become oxidized and create a fog effect on the glass of your headlights. Mix toothpaste with window cleaner and wipe those windows clean.
8. Clean your wheels
Use an all-purpose cleaner and high pressure in order to hose down your wheels.
9. Wash the exterior of the car
Grab a soft sponge alongside two buckets of water, one contains soap and one to use for rinsing only to avoid absorbing the dirt back into the sponge. This method is very effective and your car’s exterior is going to look brand new.
10. Wax
When you are done washing the car, consider waxing because it provides an extra layer of protection to the paint. Make sure to wax the car in the shade because wax gets hard if exposed directly to the sun.