11+ Aluminum Foil Hacks That You Can Use In Everyday Life


Despite the fact that it’s being used so often in the kitchen, a lot of people have really no idea about how useful Aluminum foil is. It has countless household uses that you’ve probably never heard about before.

1. Blade Sharpeners

If your scissors need to be sharpened, you can use them to cut into a piece of tinfoil.

2. Moving Furniture

source: The Spruce

Attaching a few pieces of tinfoil to the bottoms of all furniture legs will help if you’re moving or rearranging furniture. This will help bulky furniture to slide across floors more easily.

3. BBQ Brush

source: Kamado Joe Grilling Passion

You have probably heard that the wire bristles from barbecue brushes ends up in people’s food. To clean your grill, you can throw away that old brush and  use a piece of bunched up tinfoil.

4. Battery Extender

This is one of my favorites! Try placing the battery next to a tiny piece of tinfoil on one side if you need a double-A battery but only have some triple-As!

5. Internet Booster

A piece of tinfoil behind your modem has the ability to reflect the wifi signal back towards you and help to speed up the internet.

6. Ironing

source: Kitchen Agenda

If you’re pressed for time, just slide a piece of tinfoil under whatever garment you’re ironing. The tinfoil will work to get creases out of the side closest to it, so you’ll only have to iron the one side.

7. Polish Silverware

source: 17 Apart

If your silverware is looking a little tarnished, just line a bin with tinfoil and fill it with baking soda, a little bit of salt, and some boiling water. Soak your silverware for an hour or so, and they should come out looking shiny again.

8. Eliminates Static

source: CNET

Dealing with static in your hair and on your clothing is annoying, to say the least. To instantly eliminate static, simply rub a balled-up piece of tinfoil over your hair and outfit.

9. DIY Piping Bag

source: One Good Thing by Jillee

If you want to decorate some baked goods but don’t have an actual piping bag, just use some tinfoil to make a cone that you can fill with the icing mixture!

10. Preserve Bananas

source: KROC 106.9

Did you know that if you attach a small piece of tinfoil to the end of your bananas, it will keep them from ripening too quickly? Well, now you do!

11. Protect From Paint

source: Pinterest

To protect your door handles from paint, wrap them in tinfoil! The tinfoil will mould exactly to the shape of every handle, and you can simply throw it away afterwards.

12. Make A Funnel

source: Reynolds Kitchen

Need to transport a liquid to a different bottle or container? Just fold tinfoil into a funnel shape, and you’ll be good to go.


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