11+ Awesome Ways To Use Peppermint Around The House


Peppermint is a wonderful little plant with many benefits from both its leaves and its oil. From health issues to house cleaning, peppermint offers many lesser known uses. Let’s get straight to it.

  1. Clean carpets and fabrics

If your carpets, sofas and other furniture don’t smell too good, mix a few drops of baking soda with peppermint essential oil. Sprinkle it on the carpet or furniture and leave it for a few hours. You can then vacuum it up to get a fresher scent.

  1. Keep pests away

Most insects and pests don’t like the smell of mint. A few drops around windows, doors and cracks in the house will keep pests away.

  1. Reduce nausea.

If you feel nauseous, try sniffing peppermint essential oil or putting a few drops in a diffuser. Peppermint is known to help many people combat the symptoms of nausea.

  1. Promotes healthy hair

Many people swear by mixing a few drops of peppermint oil into their shampoo in the shower. It is said to remove dandruff and make hair stronger, longer and shinier.

  1. A bug-free backyard

There’s nothing worse than being swarmed by mosquitoes on a relaxing evening in the front or backyard. Insects hate the smell of mint, so planting some mint plants in your garden will help keep them away.

  1. Fight acne

To get rid of acne and blemishes, mix a few drops of peppermint oil with coconut oil and apply to the affected area of the skin using a cotton ball or cotton pad. Leave on overnight and wash off in the morning.

  1. Energy booster

Feeling a little low on energy? Try a few puffs of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is said to improve concentration, increase energy and boost blood flow to the brain.

  1. Soothe itchy insect bites

Peppermint oil is particularly good for soothing itchy skin caused by insect bites. Simply mix a few drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil and apply to insect bites and itchy areas.

  1. Soothe a sore throat

If your throat becomes dry, itchy or sore, drink peppermint tea. The peppermint in peppermint tea relieves pain and inflammation and also fights infection.

  1. Relieves headaches

If you have a headache, try rubbing a few drops of diluted peppermint oil on your temples, forehead and the back of your neck.

  1. Deodorise your bathroom

Want to create a simple, subtle air freshener for your bathroom? Simply place a few drops of peppermint oil inside a toilet paper roll. This oil will keep your washroom clean and smelling fresh.

  1. For muscle pains

If you have muscle pain, mix a few drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil and massage the area of concern. It feels great and smells great.