11 Hacks For When You Feel Like Crap


These great hacks have the ability to help you during cold and flu season.

If you need somewhere to throw your trash, you can attach an empty tissue box to your new one with a rubber band.

To keep track of dosing your prescription meds, ua sharpie.

A cup of hot chocolate works great if you want to deal with annoying dry cough. Theobromine, a derivative in cocoa, suppresses coughs better than codeine. Theobromine can suppress vagus nerve activity, which is responsible for causing coughing.

The Sweat Treat That Can Help Your Kids Nagging Cough

Use your slow cooker as a humidifier! Just fill it with water about three quarters of the way up and heat up on high. Then, take the lid off and let the moisture escape into the air.

Kids have a gunky throat but hate to drink tea? Heat up a package of Jello! Make it as usual but don’t let it harden, just drink it.

Drink pineapple juice to soothe a sore throat.

Make sore throat popsicles. Perfect for kids who are young and can’t have a cough drop.

These Vicks shower melts help relieve congestion quick. from This n That

Make your own DIY saline spray to clean out your sinuses. Perfect if you run out and don’t want to leave the house. from One Good Thing by Jill

Learn how to give yourself a quick sinus massage to help get them to drain when you feel clogged. from Kids Activities Blog

Prevent stomach bugs and treat them with grape juice and activated charcoal. from Musings of a Multi Tasking Mom