11 of the Most Amazing Magic Eraser Cleaning Hacks


Throughout all of my life as a housewife and a homemaker, I’ve never found a better cleaning product than Mr. Clean Magic Erasers in the market right now.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has over 100 different uses, it can get rid of all possible types of stains, dirt, and grime with one quick swipe.

Lately, I was trying my best to fond new and improved ways to clean and declutter my home, then I accidentally came across these 11 Magic Eraser amazing uses and hacks I’ve never seen before!

Just like me, you will absolutely love these tricks! Keep scrolling to check them out.

     Top 11 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Uses

1. Clean your baseboard using a Magic Eraser and dryer sheets.

If you need to get your baseboards sparkling clean and repulse dust for good, clean them with a Magic Eraser first, then follow with a dryer sheet.

2. Make your glass top stove shimmer like new using these 3 things.

If you want to make your stovetop totally clean all you need is a Magic Eraser, Totally Awesome Cleaning Spray and Weiman’s Glass Stove Top Cleaner. Your stove will sparkle as though it’s spic and span!

3. Use a Magic Eraser to dispose of disgusting keyboard grime.

If you are using a desk or PC now you might need to bring a look down at your keyboard. If it’s clingy and frightful, you will need to use a Magic Eraser to tidy the entirety of that gunk up.

4. Say goodbye to oil stains on your dishes.

Indeed, the Magic Eraser works wonderfully on prepared on oil stains on glass dishes. Inside 30 seconds and using only a tad of elbow grease, you can evacuate even the ickiest of nourishment stains from the entirety of your preparing product.

5. Make stained silver utensils sparkle like new.

You can make the entirety of your silver utensils look spic and span by the scouring them down with a Magic Eraser. Dazzling!


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