11 Unexpected Uses For Vaseline Around The House


Vaseline is a helpful jelly that was designed to help dry and chapped lips. Maybe you already use it for these two things, but there are many other unexpected and clever uses of vaseline. We gathered 11 of them in this article for you.

1. Unstick A Zipper

Apply a little bit of vaseline to the teeth of your zipper using a cotton swab. It will help free your zipper immediately.

2. Preserve Nail Polish

If you’re tired of your nail polish lid drying and sticking to the top of your nail polish bottle, use a small amount of vaseline and rub it around the top before closing it.

3. Mess-Free Mani

If you want a mess-free, clean manicure, use a little bit of vaseline and rub your fingers with it (clean your nails before applying polish). This must prevent your nails from getting messed up.

4. Shine Leather

If you’re looking for an easy way to moisturize your leather shoes and bags, use a little bit of vaseline to rub it on your leather using a soft cloth for the best results.

5. Remove Makeup Stains

If you want to remove makeup stains from your towels and clothes, apply some vaseline to the damp cloth and wipe it off.

6. Repair Scratched Disks

If you have CDs or DVDs that are damaged, cautiously rub a small amount of Vaseline over the scratch, at that point use cloth to clear off any abundance.

7. Preserve Your Pumpkins

When you cut your pumpkins close to Halloween, coat the internal parts in Vaseline to help save them longer.

8. Remove Makeup

Come up short on makeup remover? Vaseline and a cotton disk or face cloth will work similarly too!

9. DIY Lip Scrub

To shed your lips, make a DIY lip scour using Vaseline and brown sugar.

10. Save Perfume

To make the smell of your perfume last more, apply some Vaseline to your wrists and your neck before spraying on your perfume.

11. Stop Split Ends

If your hair is feeling dry and you see some split finishes in the middle of your hair appointments, rub some Vaseline on the base of your strands.


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