11 Uses For Wax Paper Around The House


Wax paper isn’t only helpful for baking! This adaptable kitchen item can be utilized for various purposes around the house. Peruse this rundown of wax paper tips, and go stock up immediately!

1. Protect Wine

In case you can’t recover the stopper in a wine bottle, you can stuff some wax paper in the opening to keep it new.

2. Clean Your Floors

Append a bit of wax paper to your Swiffer to gather earth and residue while likewise waxing your wood floors.

3. Clean Chrome Faucets

To clean chrome spigots and anticipate hard water stains, rub chrome installations down with a bit of wax paper. This will likewise make the water dab up rather than a recolor.

4. Unstick A Zipper

In case you’re managing a stuck zipper, run a bit of wax paper along with the zipper’s teeth.


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