12 Brilliant Uses For Dryer Sheets


The vast majority have a case of dryer sheets put away someplace in their pantry. Indeed, they keep our dress sans static and smelling new. Be that as it may, did you realize that there are really many approaches to use dryer sheets around the house that have nothing to do with clothing? Rather than tossing out your old dryer sheets, you’re going to need to hold tight to them.

1. Evacuates Dust

Dusters keep an eye on simply move dust around as opposed to lifting it up. To expel and trap dust, simply use a dryer sheet!

2. Spruces Up Hair Brushes

We ordinarily wouldn’t think to clean our hairbrushes, however, they can trap huge amounts of earth, hair, and residue after some time. Essentially stick a dryer sheet through the fibers and it will get the entirety of the terrible stuff.

3. Expels Static From Hair

Discussing dryer sheets and hairbrushes, if you stick a dryer sheet in your brush and delicately go over your hair, the entirety of the static will be expelled from it. Keen, correct?

4. Improvised Swiffer Pads

If you go to Swiffer the floors and acknowledge you’ve come up short on cushions, simply use a dryer sheet in its place! They work similarly also.

5. Evacuates Stuck-On Bugs

Dried, stuck-on bugs can appear to be difficult to expel from vehicles. Simply hose a dryer sheet and delicately clean at the bugs on your guard — they’ll fall off considerably more effectively.

6. Moment Air Freshener

Need your home to have that astonishing, new clothing smell? Just spot a dryer sheet on the facade of a container fan or append one to the edges of your roof fan and turn it on!

7. Expels Soap Scum And Mildew Stains

To effortlessly expel cleanser rubbish and mold stains from the tile in your washroom, simply utilize a sodden dryer sheet to tenderly scour at the stains.

8. Expels Sweat And Deodorant Stains

In the event that you get sweat or antiperspirant recolors on your apparel, simply take a dryer sheet and rub at the stain. No compelling reason to do a crisis heap of clothing — the stains will come directly off.

9. Repulses Pests

If you don’t need creepy crawlies sticking around your home, just spot a couple of dryer sheets all through various rooms. Bugs despise the smell of dryer sheets and will make certain to remain far away.

10. Expels Crayon Marks

Did a minor tot in your home choose that dividers would be more enjoyable to color on than paper? Assuming this is the case, simply rub a dry dryer sheet on the imprints and they will fall off easily.

11. Continues Camping Gear Smelling Fresh

Before you store your tent and outdoor gear for the season, fold a dryer sheet or two inside before you roll the rigging up. It will ward off the smelly smell whenever you go to utilize it.

12. Gets Pet Hair

To expel pet hair from your furnishings, simply rub a dryer sheet a similar way everywhere throughout the texture. They are astounding for gathering pet hair.


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