12 Brilliant Ways To Use Silicone Baking Cups That Have Nothing To Do With Muffins


Do you have any silicone baking cups? You know, those reusable biscuit liners used when preparing? Provided that this is true, you’re in for a treat. What’s more, if not, you’re going to need to go out and get a few. Silicone baking cups are valuable for a huge amount of different reasons other than preparing biscuits and cupcakes. Here they are!

1. Large Ice Cubes


Fill silicone baking cups with water and stop them for way greater ice 3D shapes! This hack is great in case you’re serving punch in a huge bowl on a blistering summer day.

2. Stop Herbs


If you have herbs that are going to turn sour, slash them up and place them in a silicone baking cup with some olive oil. Stop them, and whenever you make something that requires herbs and olive oil, you’ll have moment solid shapes close by.

3. Spoon Rest


There’s no compelling reason to go out and purchase a spoon rest when you can use a baking cup! They occupy next to no room, and you can rapidly wash them directly after you’re finished cooking.

4. Pot Holders


Silicone baking cups make fantastic potholders! Simply slide one on each pot handle and voila! You won’t need to stress over consuming your hands.

5. Unscrew Bottles


Silicone heating cups give extraordinary hold and footing, so they’re the ideal thing to utilize in case you’re managing a hard-t0-open top.

6. Cook Eggs


For impeccably heated eggs, simply split a few eggs into silicone baking cups, at that point pop them in the broiler! You can include salt, pepper, cheddar, and more to make them additional tasty.

7. Nibble Containers


To control parcels when nibbling (or just to make nibble time increasingly a good time for your children), use silicone preparing cups to hold various kinds of chips, saltines, nuts, fruits, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

8. Dissolve Butter Or Chocolate


If you have to liquefy a modest quantity of spread or chocolate, simply put some in a silicone baking cup and pop it in the microwave. The best part about utilizing these is that they’re incredibly simple to clean a short time later.

9. Store Earrings


In case you’re having issues keeping your studs together and sorted out, store them in silicone heating cups! You can utilize one cup for studs, one cup for dangly hoops, and so on.

10. Separate Eggs


If a formula requires a detachment of egg yolks and whites, use two silicone baking cups to do as such! They’re the ideal size, and they tidy up pleasantly when you’re finished utilizing them.

11. Line Cup Holders


In case you’re sick of always cleaning down clingy, recolored cup holders in your vehicle, line them with silicone heating cups! That way, on the off chance that you spill, you can without much of a stretch evacuate and clean them.

12. Make Mini Quiches


Silicone baking cups aren’t only useful for biscuits! You can utilize them to make heavenly, crustless smaller than normal quiches. Yummy!


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