12 Clever And Amazing Uses For Old Towels


We all have towels in our homes, they’re one of the most used items around the house and they’re extremely affordable. You can use them for drying your hands, body, and other things. And all of these uses make them worn out quickly. It’s important to replace your towels frequently. But if you have plenty of won out towels at home, you can reuse them for many amazing things! Don’t throw these towels away, upcycle them and give them a new life.

1. Tea Towels

A few people are dependent on tea towels since who doesn’t care for them? Just trim and fringe your old towels to change them into tea towels. In the event that you need to go full scale, you can even make handles for them.

2. DIY Bath Mat

You can make our old towels shower mats. A shaded assortment can include a decent and lovely view of your bathroom.

3. Beach Bag

Old towels can be changed into beach bags. Towels are made of texture and that gives them a fast-drying capacity that will work well for you.

4. Outside Throw Pillows

You can transform old towels into pads, basically sew a few towels together and fill them with stuffing and simply like that you got yourself some great quality and minimal effort cushions that you can utilize outside.

5. Shower Caddy

Shower caddies can be very costly, yet you can abstain from sitting around idly and cash on shower caddies by making your own utilizing old towels.

6. Reusable Swiffer Pads

Cut square shapes from old towels and simply like that you got yourself reusable Swiffer cushions. Along these lines you will abstain from discarding risky waste that can harm nature in light of the fact that the cushions you made out of old towels can be utilized on numerous occasions, simply wash them once they get grimy.