12 Clever Hacks To Make Your Shoes Way More Comfortable


Some shoes are made to be the epitome of comfort, while others, simply, are not. There are occasions when we need to wear the latter type of shoes, and they often leave our feet tender and in pain. However, there are many simple ways to make your shoes that much more comfortable — here’s how!

1. Tape Your Toes

source: Healthy Recipes Home

When you wear high heels, the heel places strain on the nerve that lies between the second and third toes. If you tape these toes together, it will alleviate some of that pressure. Just be sure not to tape them too tightly… you don’t want your circulation getting cut off.

2. Stretch Your Shoes

source: Tip Hero

If the toe part of a pair of shoes is too tight, fill two plastic bags with water, then place the bags in your shoes. Stick your shoes in the freezer overnight. When the water freezes, your shoes will gradually loosen and expand.

3. Pad Your Shoes

source: Her View From Home

To prevent shoes from sliding and stinking when your feet become sweaty, place a pantyliner along the soles of your shoes. Smart, right?!

4. Deodorant

source: Squeezu / YouTube/Glamrs

To prevent blisters from forming, simply wipe some deodorant onto your heels! The deodorant will prevent chafing, which is generally what causes blisters.

5. Sandpaper

source: wikiHow

If your shoes are very slippery, take a piece of sandpaper to the bottoms of your shoes. The sandpaper will help give the shoes a bit more traction and grip.

6. Hairspray

source: Pinterest

To keep your feet from sliding around in your shoes, spray them with some hairspray before putting your shoes on.

7. Stretch Tall Boots

source: LeafTV

If the calf part of your tall boots is too tight, place some rolled up newspaper in them. Leave them there for a week or so and when you go to put them on again, they will feel looser.

8. Use Heat

source: Tamil Culture / Coffee Light And Sweet

Another great way to stretch out shoes is to use a little bit of heat. Put on your thickest pair of socks, then put on your shoes. Take a blowdryer to the shoes and they will stretch out pretty quickly.

9. Stop The Sink

source: This Is Why I’m Broke / Amazon.com

To prevent your heels from sinking into grass or other soft footing, you can buy heel protectors. They’re small, plastic disks that attach to the bottom of your heels, giving them more stability.

10. Moleskin

source: Glamour

To make strappy sandals or heels more comfortable, line the insides of the straps with moleskin. This will provide a bit more padding in between the straps and your skin.

11. Gel Inserts

source: Amazon.com

If you need a little extra arch support, you can buy gel inserts to place inside your shoes. This can make wearing heels and other uncomfortable shoes a little easier on your feet.

12. Deodorize

source: Woman’s Vibe / in-lala-land.com

Having smelly shoes is uncomfortable — for a whole other list of reasons. To deodorize your shoes, sprinkle the insides with baking soda. Let them sit overnight in a well-ventilated area, then either dump out or vacuum up the residue.