12 Creative Ways To Use Christmas Lights Throughout The House


Christmas lights are the present that continues giving throughout the entire year! Indeed, we use Christmas lights to design our trees and the fronts of our homes. However, there are a lot of beautiful uses for Christmas lights, as well! Here they are.

1. Headboard

Why go out and purchase an expensive headboard when you can make your own out of string lights? This transforms your room into such a mysterious, special space.

2. Divider Christmas Tree

If you don’t have the space for a genuine Christmas tree, you can orchestrate lights on your divider looking like one.

3. Gleaming Mason Jars

Putting a string of sun-powered charged lights in bricklayer containers is such a capricious, lovely designing thought.

4. Photograph Wall

String up lights on your room divider, at that point use clothespins to hang important photographs from the light strands.

5. Provincial Chandelier

For a provincial yet chic “crystal fixture,” white Christmas lights and a few branches from outside are all you need.