12 Food And Cooking Myths To Ignore


If you’re familiar with cooking, you’ve likely developed some habits and rules in your kitchen. For instance, I’ve always thought that boiling pasta water because people say that it makes the water boil faster. But stop believing everything they tell you. In this article, you’ll find 12 cooking myths we should all stop believing.

1. Always Rinse Cooked Pasta

Rinsing cooked pasta only removes the starch that helps thicken the sauce and adds flavor. Even though people swear by this myth, you should stop doing it if you want a better pasta sauce.

2. Add Milk To Scrambled Eggs

Adding milk to scrambled eggs doesn’t add any flavor to it. Yet, it actually helps you get a bigger batch and thins out the eggs, which makes them more susceptible to being overcooked.

3. Alcohol Evaporates While Cooking

People add alcohol and wine to sauces and other dishes while cooking and some of it actually evaporates. But most of it doesn’t! If you want all the alcohol to evaporate, you should be cooking it for a few hours.

4. Leaving The Pit In An Avocado Keeps It From Turning Brown

Leaving the pit in a sliced avocado doesn’t prevent it from oxidizing and turning brown. If you want your avocados to not oxidize, you should squeeze a little bit of lemon on the fleshy part and make sure that they’re wrapped in a beeswax wrap.

5. Adding Salt To Pasta Water Makes It Boil Faster

Adding salt to your boiling pasta water doesn’t make it boil faster. In fact, it’s the best way to make your pasta salty instead of doing it when it’s cooked. It also gives the water some flavor.

6. Don’t Wash Mushrooms

People say that washing mushrooms cause them to soak up water which makes them lose their flavors. But again, you don’t want to eat dirty mushrooms. Of course, they might absorb some water while washing, but it doesn’t affect their flavor especially if you dry them quickly.

7. Watch For Bubbling Pancakes Before Flipping

You don’t have to wait for pancakes to bubble up before flipping them. The other side of the pancake will be probably overcooked by the time you see bubbles on the top. Cook your pancakes on low heat and flip them once the bottom is firm.

8. Raw Tomatoes Are Healthier Than Cooked Ones

Cooking certain vegetables doesn’t make them lose their nutrients. Most of the vegetables don’t get affected by the heat even if you overcook them. So don’t worry about your tomatoes, enjoy them cooked as you like!

9. Ensure Batter Is Lump-Free

It’s okay to have small umps floating around the batter, unlike the big ones. But if you try to mix out all the lumps, the batter will become too thin which leads to unfluffy baked goodies.

10. Adding Olive Oil To Boiling Water Keeps Pasta From Sticking

Adding olive oil to your pasta while boiling is a bad idea because it’ll only make it hard for you to coat all the pasta with sauce because it’ll slide right after. If you don’t want it to stick, you only have to stir it from time to time to make sure that it doesn’t stick while cooking.

11. Stirring Rice Often Makes It Fluffy

If you want your rice to get perfectly fluffy, you have to leave alone while it’s cooking. Stirring often doesn’t help it get any fluffier.

12. Only Flip A Steak Once

They say that you should flip steak only once while grilling. But that doesn’t make any sense! If you want your steak to cook evenly, you should flip it many times while giving each side a nice amount of cooking time.


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