12 Funny Yet Helpful Life Hacks


On the Internet, there’s “Eh!” is something you might think “what?” of a hacker. The hacks on this list may seem to have a similar reaction at first glance, but they are actually very clever. Hats off to these creative folks who have found ways to make life easier.

  1. The perfect pancake

Make the perfect pancakes by placing the batter in a clean, empty tomato sauce can.

2. Protect the floor

Hate the sound of chairs scraping the floor? Cut a slit in a tennis ball and glue it to the end of a chair leg.

3. Dual role

Want to heat two bowls at once, but can’t put them in the microwave at the same time? Place one of the bowls on top of the other and the cup will be raised to make room for both bowls.

4. ands-free phone

If you need to see the GPS on your phone while driving, use two rubber bands to secure it to the air vent of your car so you can see it.

  1. Squeeze out the toothpaste

Use a bobby pin to hold one end of the toothpaste tube to maximize the amount of toothpaste.

  1. Cool your duvet

On hot summer nights, use a fan to cool your duvet before going to bed. The cool air will cool the duvet.

  1. Chill your wine

Want to drink wine without chilling it with ice? Freeze grapes and use them instead.

  1. Chip bag bowls
source: thekingofrandom.com

Fold the sides of a potato chip bag and turn it into a makeshift bowl.

  1. Store spaghetti wisely

If you open a bag of spaghetti and know you won’t use it all, put the extra in a Pringles jar to keep it from overflowing into your pantry!

  1. Remove the strawberry fruit

The easiest way to get rid of strawberry petals? With a straw, of course!

  1. Make Grilled Cheese Faster

Turn your toaster upside down to get a faster grilled cheese.

  1. Color-code your keys

Color-coding your keys with nail polish makes it easy to see which key is which.