12 Genius Ways to Hide Every Wire in Your Home


Tackle the chaos of wires and cords in your home with these clever solutions to keep your space organized and tech-friendly.

Living in a world surrounded by electronic devices often leads to a tangled mess of cords. Managing and hiding TV wires, charging cables, and other essential gadget cords can be a daunting task. Instead of succumbing to frustration, explore the cord management solutions below to either purchase or create do-it-yourself (DIY) options, ensuring a more streamlined and organized home.

Furniture Cord Hooks:

Anchor dangling cords to the back of your furniture using clear cord clips like Command Cord Clips. These clips securely hold cords along the back edges of furniture, providing a neat solution. For a craftier approach, consider incorporating built-in cord storage into a DIY TV stand, hiding cables behind the stand-mounted TV.

Sofa Table Charging Station:

Disguise charging cords with a slim sofa table featuring built-in outlets and USB ports. Etsy seller MittenStateWoodworks offers a 5-inch deep table that tucks neatly behind a couch, providing a practical and hidden charging solution.

Concealed TV Cord Covers:

Hide distracting cords from a wall-mounted TV with cord covers like the D-Line Cable Raceway. These plastic tracks mount directly to the wall, concealing wires effectively. Choose covers that match your wall color for a seamless blend into the space.

In-Wall TV Cord Solution:

For a more discreet approach, consider using recessed cable plates like the DataComm Easy Mount Cable Organizer Kit to hide TV cords behind the wall. This solution creates the illusion of a wireless entertainment system and enhances the aesthetics of the room.

Cable Wrap for Office Chaos:

Manage cords in a home office with a cable wrap like the MOSOTECH 120-inch Cable Sleeve. This flexible foam tubing consolidates loose cords, reducing chaos and allowing for easy redirection of wires as needed.

Drawer Power Strip Hack:

Modify a desk drawer to eliminate the clutter of a power strip on the floor. Use a hole saw bit to create a hole in the back panel of the drawer, feed the power strip cable through, and mount the strip inside the drawer. This provides a convenient and concealed charging space for electronic gadgets.

Baseboard Cord Channels:

Avoid tripping hazards by outfitting baseboards with self-adhesive cord channels. These hollowed-out plastic sections discreetly run along the baseboards, concealing and protecting cords. Stain or paint them to match your interior design.

Router Cover Bookends:

Conceal routers and modems by using creative covers like the ones available from Etsy seller Covobox. Alternatively, create a DIY version by repurposing a binder and placing it vertically between books on a shelf, allowing router cables to run behind the furniture.

Chair Rail Cord Concealment:

Incorporate cord cover raceways designed for baseboards along chair rails to disguise TV wires or other cords. Paint them to match the decor, and use vertical cord chasers to run cords to outlets.

Furniture with Integrated Outlets:

Opt for living room furniture with built-in outlets and USB ports to minimize the number of cords requiring wall plugs. Furniture like the Andover Mills Abbottsmoor end table conceals outlets and USB ports while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Camouflaged Floor Wires:

When dealing with furniture or electronics far from outlets, run wires along the floor and cover them with floor covers that mimic wood grain. Electriduct offers strips in various colors to blend seamlessly with your flooring.

Wainscoting Cord Channels:

Upgrade the room’s style by adding wainscoting, such as beadboard, to create a channel for wires. Install PVC conduit within the wainscoting to house cords and move outlets to more convenient locations.

Bonus: Beadboard Opportunities:

Utilize beadboard to move outlets and conceal cords without the need for drywall finishing. Ensure safety by hiring an electrician if you lack experience working with electricity.

Say goodbye to wire woes and welcome a clutter-free, organized living space with these innovative cord management solutions.

image source : homedepot – Covobox via Etsy – amazon – istockphoto