12 Life-Changing Health & Beauty Hacks You Wish You Knew Before!


Who doesn’t love some good health and wellbeing tips and hacks? I love whatever makes me look more beautiful and rested without spending a lot of money on beauty products. Truth be told, I’ve probably spent a shitload of money on makeup and skincare products over the years, and that changed when I discovered the following tips. My skin is probably asking why my face is full of coffee and oats all over it. However, these tips can truly help you with your skin’s health, just as with saving some money and time on hair and makeup.

As females, there’s a lot to take care of, however on the off chance that there are magnificence hacks to make things simpler, at that point I’m in support of it. Give me those insane cleans and peculiar eyeliner stunts, I need all the assist I with canning get.

Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Green Tea Bags for Puffiness: When I originally observed my sister do this, I’m almost certain I gave her an unusual look. In any case, in the wake of finding out about how putting green tea packs simply under (or on) your eyes can dispose of puffiness and dark circles, I was about it (this likely positions high in my preferred wellbeing and beauty tips)

Eye Shadow for Thicker Hair: This is a simple and snappy hack if you need to give the presence of having thicker hair. Simply take a little to medium estimated brush, pick an eyeshadow that is very close to your own hair shading, and afterward apply at the foundations of where your hair parts. It’s as simple as that!

The Concealer Triangle: A part of the time, us ladies apply concealer in accordance with our dark circles. Be that as it may, this is the most exceedingly awful approach to diminish the presence of them. What you have to do rather is make a “V” (or modified triangle) shape, and mix into your skin to get an all the more very much refreshed and more splendid look!

Nails in Cold Water: This was one of the principal wellbeing and magnificence tips I at any point learned. When I was a child, my sister (a similar one with the tea sacks) did my nails and showed me this hack. In the wake of covering your nails with clean, plunge them into a pre-arranged bowl of ice water, and let them sit for about a moment.


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