12 Things To Get Rid Of For A More Organized, Streamlined Home


Is your home cluttered with various items, especially if you have kids? It’s time to declutter and give your living space a fresh, streamlined feel by parting ways with these 12 things:

Outdated Magazines and Unwanted Mail:

Free up space by recycling old magazines and unnecessary mail.

Unwanted Gifts:

If you’ve received gifts that don’t suit your taste or needs, consider donating them to someone who might appreciate them more.


Donate clothing you no longer wear or that no longer fits to create more closet space.

Takeout Condiments:

Those leftover takeout condiments cluttering your drawer are likely never going to be used. It’s time to toss them.

Old Electronics:

Recycle old, non-functional electronics like cellphones and iPods at your local electronics store.

Damaged Items:

Don’t let broken items accumulate with the hope of fixing them later. If it’s been lying around unused, it’s time to dispose of them.

Plastic Cups:

Get rid of those unsightly disposable plastic cups from various events; you have better alternatives.

Expired Makeup:

Check your makeup products for expiration dates and discard any that have passed their prime.

Expired Medication:

Examine your medicine cabinet for expired medications; chances are, many need to be disposed of.

Unused Exercise Equipment:

If that treadmill or exercise equipment has been collecting dust in your basement, consider selling it to free up space.

Unwanted Furniture:

If you have inherited furniture that doesn’t fit your style or space, sell or donate it to prevent it from occupying valuable space in your home.

Unused Textbooks:

Those old college textbooks are likely not needed anymore. If they hold value, consider selling them; otherwise, donate them to a library, used bookstore, or thrift center.

Rephrased and Original: This article advises on clearing clutter from your living space by parting ways with various items. Whether it’s outdated magazines, unwanted gifts, clothing you no longer wear, or even old electronics and broken items, there are many opportunities to declutter your home effectively. Even items like takeout condiments, plastic cups, expired makeup, and medication can be disposed of to free up space and keep your living area more organized. Additionally, if you have exercise equipment, furniture, or textbooks you no longer use, consider selling or donating them to create a more spacious and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

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