12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean With Bar Keepers Friend


In the realm of household cleaning products, there exists a true marvel: Bar Keepers Friend. Born from a fortuitous kitchen mishap in 1882, this versatile cleaner owes its power to the magic ingredient—oxalic acid, found naturally in vegetables like rhubarb and spinach. From its humble origins to its modern-day availability on platforms like Amazon, Bar Keepers Friend has garnered a reputation for its remarkable ability to banish grime and restore shine to a myriad of surfaces. Join us on a journey through twelve unexpected applications of this household hero, where we’ll delve into its transformative effects on everything from kitchenware to sports equipment, and beyond.

The Magic of Bar Keepers Friend: 12 Surprising Uses

Revitalize Pots and Pans:

Bid farewell to stubborn stains and burnt-on residue with Bar Keepers Friend. Whether it’s stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, this powerhouse cleaner effortlessly restores the gleam to your cookware. But tread with caution; while it works wonders on metal surfaces, polished stone countertops and porous materials should steer clear.

Renew Sneakers:

Give your beloved sneakers a new lease on life by concocting a paste of Bar Keepers Friend powder and water. Watch in amazement as stains vanish under the gentle scrub of a sponge or toothbrush, leaving your kicks looking as fresh as the day you bought them.

Restore Musical Instruments:

From brass instruments to drum kit cymbals, Bar Keepers Friend spray foam cleanser is the secret to keeping your musical gear sparkling. With a monthly application and a gentle wipe-down, your instruments will gleam with renewed brilliance.

Refresh Sports Equipment:

Elevate your game by giving your sports equipment a thorough clean with Bar Keepers Friend. Whether it’s golf clubs, skates, or metal baseball bats, this versatile cleaner removes rust spots and restores shine with ease.

Banish Sticky Labels:

Say goodbye to pesky price tag stickers with a spritz of Bar Keepers Friend spray foam cleanser. Watch in satisfaction as even the most stubborn labels peel away effortlessly, leaving behind no sticky residue.

Revive Vintage Brass:

Whether you cherish the patina of antique brass or yearn for its original luster, Bar Keepers Friend liquid cleanser is your ally. Safely restore vintage fixtures and decorative items to their former glory, but beware of precious metals like gold and silver.

Renew Dinnerware:

Wave goodbye to scuffs and knife marks on your pristine dishes with Bar Keepers Friend powder cleanser. A simple sprinkle and scrub is all it takes to eliminate imperfections and restore your dinnerware to its pristine condition.

Rejuvenate Cars:

Take your car from drab to fab with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. From tires to headlights, this all-purpose cleaner works wonders on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, even minimizing the appearance of superficial scratches.

Revitalize Grills:

Don’t let a grimy grill dampen your barbeque spirits. Bar Keepers Friend powder formula mixed with water forms a potent paste that effortlessly cuts through caked-on food particles, leaving your grill sparkling clean and ready for action.

Refresh Bathrooms:

Say hello to sparkling surfaces in your bathroom with Bar Keepers Friend. Ideal for glass, porcelain, tile, and grout, this versatile cleaner tackles bathtubs, showers, sinks, and even toilets with ease.

Polish Metal Sinks and Faucets:

Let your metallic fixtures shine bright with Bar Keepers Friend. Whether it’s stainless steel or other metals, a gentle scrub with this trusty cleaner removes water spots and smudges, leaving your sinks and faucets looking as good as new.

Revive Bicycles:

Prep your bicycle for the riding season with Bar Keepers Friend. From chains to frames, pedals to handlebars, this versatile cleaner breathes new life into your trusty steed, ensuring a smooth and shiny ride every time.


In a world filled with cleaning products claiming miraculous results, Bar Keepers Friend stands out as a true champion. From its serendipitous discovery in 1882 to its modern-day ubiquity, this household hero continues to astonish with its unparalleled versatility and efficacy. So, whether you’re tackling tarnished pots, grubby sneakers, or a grimy grill, trust in Bar Keepers Friend to deliver sparkling results every time.

image source: bob vila