12 Tips And Tricks To Make Winter More Bearable


I like winter up until Christmas Day. After that, I’m over the snow and incredibly cold temperatures. Between shovelling the driveway, slipping on ice, and waiting a super long time for the car to heat up, winter certainly has its downsides. If you live somewhere with cold, snowy winters, you’ll appreciate the following tips and tricks!

1. Cozy Bed

source: TripAdvisor

If your house doesn’t have the most efficient heating, place a hot water bottle or electric blanket underneath your covers a few minutes before heading to bed. Your sheets will feel nice and cozy when you hop in!

2. Prevent Frozen Locks

source: Mother Nature Network / iStock

If you know that a massive freeze is on the way, head out to your car and spray the locks with a bit of WD-40. This will prevent the locks from freezing overnight.

3. Shovel Smarter

source: Cleveland Clinic / Getty images

You know how that wet packing snow can get stuck to your shovel after a short amount of time? To prevent the snow from sticking to your shovel, spray the base with a bit of cooking spray.

4. Pack Your Trunk

source: Fiat 124 Spider Forum

If you have a rear-wheel drive car that has a habit of spinning on icy, slushy roads, consider placing a few sandbags in the trunk. This will weigh the back end down and make it less likely to spin.

5. Kitty Litter

source: Kenny’s Lake Area Auto Experts / iStock

This may sound odd, but kitty litter works double duty in the winter. Firstly, keeping kitty litter in your car (in a sock) will absorb the moisture from the air, making it less likely that your windows fog up. Secondly, if your car gets stuck in the snow, you can pour some kitty litter under the tires for traction.

6. Ceiling Fan

source: Ceiling Fan Choice / Depositphotos

If you reverse the direction of your ceiling fans during the winter, it will push the hot air that has risen towards the ceiling back towards the bottom of the room. This will keep the entire room a little warmer.

7. Open The Curtains

source: Airbnb , Skiingbc

Speaking of warmer rooms, when it’s a sunny winter day, throw open those drapes! You’d be amazed at how much heat a bit of natural light can generate.

8. Park East

source: Mr. Money Mustache

If you can, park your car facing east overnight. That way when the sun rises, it will start to work faster at defrosting your car’s windshield.

9. Shaving Cream

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And speaking of defrosting your car’s windshield, if you know that temperatures are about to drop, spray the inside of your windshield with shaving cream before wiping it off. Supposedly this prevents the windshield from frosting up.