12 uses of coffee ground you have to know about


Coffee is one of the most famous and most drank morning drinks all over the world. Brewing a good cup of coffee is an art form by itself and every drop counts. Most people and coffee makers throw away coffee grounds once they’re done with them. But, you have to change that habit because they have unexpected uses that can help you do so many things around the house.

The morning coffee will kick off your day right, but the coffee grounds are going to make your life easier. Without further ado, here are 12 uses of coffee ground you have to know about.

1. Neutralize odors

Sometimes your refrigerator smells weird and bad, probably because of bad foods you haven’t paid attention to. If the smell refuses to go away even after you dumped the bad foods and cleaned the refrigerator, then dry some coffee grounds, place them in a bowl and put it in the back of your fridge. This way you will have a nice and refreshing coffee smell coming out of the fridge instead of the bad smell.


2. Scour pots and pans

Washing the dishes is something that will be brought uppon you no matter what you do. Used coffee grounds can perfectly remove stuck-on food in cast iron pans and other dishes as well because of its perfect abrasiveness.


3. Clean your barbecue grill

Grilling and barbecue parties are so much fun especially with family and friends, but keeping your barbecue clean is an absolute necessity, but removing burnt-on food is a little bit hard to do. To easily do that, scrub damp coffee grounds across your grill’s gate to loosen up the stuck-on food so that you save time when cleaning. When it comes to lingering grease, a coffee pot can help you remove it easily.


4. Add extra flavor and caffeine to your meals

Make a coffee-flavored spice by mixing coffee grounds with spice rub to add an amazingly good taste of caffeine to your meals.


5. Freshen skin

Caffeine has incredible effects on your skin, simply mix cocoa and honey with coffee grounds to make a facial that can detox your skin and give your energy a boost in the morning. You can also make a body scrub by mixing olive oil with coffee grounds or sea salt with coffee grounds.