13 Efficient Things You Can Do With Your Hair Dryer

Hairdryers are an innovative creation that can dry hair perfectly, but surprisingly, it has many other uses that most people don’t know about. So without further ado, here are 13 hairdryer uses you never knew before.

1. Remove stickers and price tags. 

Price tags and stickers always leave residue behind and it’s really hard to clean it off. However, you can use your hairdryer to loosen up the annoying residues to easily clean it off. Surprisingly, this method works on hardened melted wax as well.

2. Stretch out shoes.

Sometimes you can’t fit into your shoes with thick socks and that can be annoying and frustrating at the same time, but you can use your hairdryer to solve this problem. Simply, put on the thick socks and blast your feet with the hairdryer, then put on your shoes and keep them on until your feet cool down to stretch your shoes to your size.

3. Remove water rings. 

Use your hairdryer to remove water rings from your wooden furniture by simply blasting the wooden furniture with relatively cold air and start increasing the temperature from cool to warm until there’s no more stain.

4. Repair a dent in a car bumper. 

Heat can actually reverse dents and guess what produces hot air? That’s right, hairdryers. This method may require multiple hairdryers and some patience, but it will pay off eventually.

5. DIY stationary dryer. 

Stationary dryers help oil treatments to effectively soak into the hair, and you can make a DIY stationery dryer that you can sit under and relax. Simply stick your hairdryer in a shoe on top of a counter and sit under it to enjoy the sensation.

6. Custom-fit glasses. 

If you bought reading glasses off a grocery store, then they are probably not your size and they keep falling off your nose. You can fix this problem by heating the ends of the glasses with your hairdryer, then bend and mold the frames so they can fit your face.

7. Remove water spots. 

You can dry hard water spots on your glassware using your hairdryer after wiping them down using a damp cloth.

8. Prepare a BBQ. 

To intensify flames in your barbeque, simply use your hairdryer to blast the charcoals right after lighting them up.

9. Gloss cupcakes. 

If you want to gloss your cupcakes, simply blast the frosting until it starts melting lightly using your hairdryer to end up with a glossy cupcake.

10. Defrost frozen food. 

If food is still frozen and you have to make dinner or lunch soon, use your hairdryer to defrost frozen food and proceed to cook your meals.

11. Remove gum. 

Gums are fun to chew on, but once they stick on something they become a total nightmare. To remove stuck gum, blow warm air on it using your hairdryer to soften it up and eventually take it off (This method works on all surfaces including your hair).

12. Spot iron. 

If you want to smooth out, simply sprinkle the spot with some water, then use your hairdryer and make sure to keep it 2 inches away from the garment (the garment should also be hanged).

13. Dust. 

If you are cleaning and you stumble upon places that you can’t easily access, use your hairdryer to blow off all of the dust to easily clean it off.