14+ Everyday Objects With Unusual Secret Features


Have you ever looked at a basic object of everyday life and wondered why it has a particular detail? When it comes to basic and utilitarian objects, every aspect of them has been designed to serve a certain purpose. This knowledge has never been known or lost over the decades. But fortunately, we are here to teach you 15 everyday objects with hidden characteristics or uses!

1. Hole In Pen Cap

source: FossCrunch / Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered why many pen caps have a small hole in the top? When companies started making pens, they realized that pen caps could be a great choking hazard for children. So they designed pen caps with a hole in the top so that if the cap was swallowed, children could still pass air through it.

2. Soda Can Tab

source: reddit.com

Most soda can strips have a hole in the middle. This is not so that you can slide your finger under it, but to make room for your straw!

3. Gas Light Arrow

source: 1000 Awesome Things

If you look at your vehicle’s fuel gauge, there should be an arrow next to the fuel pump icon. This arrow reminds the driver which side the fuel tank is on.

4. Paper Margins

source: Amazon

We are all familiar with the wide margins on lined sheets of paper. Did you know that the margins were originally designed to protect what was on the paper? Because mice and rats were common in homes, the margins were designed to protect the documents from the pests that chewed them.

5. Long Bottle Necks

source: Pixabay

The long neck of beer and soft drink glass bottles was designed to encourage the drinker to hold the bottle by the neck. In this way, the heat generated by his hand did not heat up the liquid in the bottle..

6. Pot Handle Hole

If your pot handles have a hole in the end, it’s not for decoration – that hole is meant to be used as a spoon holder!

7. Small Jeans Pocket