14 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean in Your Washing Machine


When it comes to cleaning up life’s big messes, the most useful helper is in the laundry room. Did you know that washing machines clean more than just clothes?

Many of us could not live without our washing machines, as they are responsible for much of the cleaning of our clothes, towels, and bedding. If you think these wonderful washing machines only clean fabrics, you’re wrong! On laundry day, the following wonderful household items can also benefit from the spin cycle

  1. Shower curtain liners

Plastic shower curtain liners tend to attract hard water stains, soap scum, and mildew, which can quickly become an unpleasant odor. To keep shower curtain liners odor and stain free, wash them once a month on a delicate cycle.

  1. Sports shoes

Do your cross-training shoes smell heavenly? Throw your shoes in the washing machine and wash them. First, remove the shoelaces and insoles. The shoelaces can be machine washed, but the insoles should be hand washed. Before tying the shoelaces, wash them in cold water with a rag or towel and let them dry naturally.

  1. Lunch Box

The insulated lunch box you send to school with your child is in constant contact with germ-ridden school surfaces, not to mention ketchup and juice stains, and you never know how long it has been there. Eek! Put these bags in your next cold-water washer and let them dry overnight so they’ll be fresh and ready to go when the next lunch bell rings.

  1. yoga mat

If you’re aiming for a conscious, meditative state, you won’t get there with a smelly yoga mat. Washing your yoga mat in the washing machine is easier than you think. Simply place it in the washer with your towels and sheets and set it on the delicate cold water cycle. Remove the mat before the spin cycle and let it dry before the next downdog.

  1. Baseball Caps

Can the caps be washed in the machine? Of course it is possible. Sewn baseball caps and sturdy notebooks can be washed in a gentle machine with cold water along with similarly colored clothing. Afterwards, wrap the cap in newspaper and place it inside the hat to allow it to air dry and retain its shape.

  1. Stuffed animals

Parents know how dirty your child’s precious buddy can get. Most stuffed animals have a washing label that says not to put them in the washing machine, but they can usually be left in place. (Just make sure there are no embellishments or electronic parts sewn into the stuffed animal before washing it.) Place the toys in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag and throw in with a bag of similarly colored clothing. When the laundry is finished, hang the toys out to dry.

  1. Lego bricks

Who knew? Lego blocks that have been covered with fingerprints or germs can be washed in the washing machine (unless they are painted or have stickers on them). Place the blocks in a pillowcase and secure the bag tightly with string, hair bands, or rubber bands. Wash in cold water cycle with other laundry. Do not put the Lego blocks in the dryer as they will melt. Let them dry naturally on a towel and invite a friend to organize them.

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