16 unexpected ways to use dishwashing soap


Dish soap, as its name implies, is a staple for cleaning dishes. However, it’s time to think outside the box and explore the myriad practical applications of this versatile household item. Beyond dishwashing, dish soap can be your go-to solution for various tasks around the house. Still skeptical? Check out these 16 unexpected ways to harness the power of dish soap:

1. Emergency Laundry Detergent: If you’re running low on laundry detergent, don’t panic. Mix a few drops of dish soap with two cups of water and add it to your washing machine once it’s filled with water. It’ll do the trick in a pinch.

2. DIY Bubble Solution: Entertain your kids with homemade bubbles on sunny days. Simply add a few drops of dish soap to a plastic water bottle, give it a good shake, and watch the bubbles float.

3. Red Wine Stain Remover: Red wine spills can be daunting, but dish soap can save the day. Create a stain-fighting concoction by mixing a teaspoon of dish soap with hydrogen peroxide. Apply it to the stain with a clean sponge, let it sit briefly, and then rinse with cold water.

4. Flea Repellent: If your pets are suffering from fleas, try using lemon-scented dish soap when bathing them. It’s a budget-friendly homemade flea repellent that’s also groomer-approved.

5. Grease Stain Eraser: Bid farewell to grease stains on clothing or fabric. Apply a drop or two of dish soap to the stain, scrub with an old toothbrush, and then wash with warm water. For stubborn stains, combine dish soap with hydrogen peroxide to tackle grass stains on kids’ clothes.

6. Homemade Ice Pack: Create a homemade ice pack by placing dish soap in a Ziploc bag and freezing it. The dish soap never freezes completely, resulting in a soft and flexible ice pack ideal for soothing bruises.

7. Poison Ivy Relief: Dishwashing liquid can provide relief from the tormenting itch of poison ivy. Wipe the affected area with dish soap (while wearing rubber gloves), and within days, the poison ivy leaves should wither and die.

8. Jewelry Reviver: Bring back the luster to your jewelry with a mixture of seltzer and dishwashing liquid. Soak your jewelry for 5 minutes, gently swirl it in the foam, use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt, rinse, and let it air dry.

9. Fruit Fly Trap: If you’re dealing with a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen, create a trap using dish soap. Pour an inch of fruity-scented dish soap into an open container, add another inch of water, cover with plastic wrap, and poke a few holes in it. The flies will be attracted to the scent, enter the trap, and become trapped by the soapy water.

10. Upholstery Stain Remover: Stains on upholstery can be vexing. To combat them, make a whipped detergent using a mixture of dish soap and water. Whip the mixture with a hand mixer, then use a cloth to tackle those stubborn stains.

11. Patio Furniture Revival: As spring rolls around and you unearth your patio furniture, give it a thorough cleaning with warm water mixed with dish soap. Bid farewell to months of dirt and grime.

12. Defogging Windows and Mirrors: Prevent your car windows or bathroom mirrors from fogging up by applying dish soap to a clean, dry cloth and rubbing it onto the glass until it disappears. Say goodbye to foggy views!

13. Screw Lubricant: Having trouble driving a screw into wood? A drop of dish soap on the screw can act as an effective lubricant, making the task much easier.

14. De-Greasing Pets: If your furry friend has an unfortunate encounter and gets sprayed, you can use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap as a shampoo. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

15. Pest Repellent: Keep spiders and ants at bay by mixing water and dish soap in a spray bottle and applying it around vents, doors, windows, and other entry points that pests tend to use.

16. Removing Oil Stains from Concrete: Discover an oil stain on your garage floor or concrete deck? Don’t fret. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain, add dish soap, and scrub with a plastic or non-metal brush. Let it sit for a few hours and repeat until the stain vanishes.

Dish soap, often underestimated, is a household hero with countless uses beyond the kitchen sink. Share your creative dish soap hacks in the comments below!

image source: tiphero.com