19 Home Maintenance Mistakes That Only Take a Minute to Fix


Keeping your home in tip-top shape doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. In fact, many maintenance and repair tasks can be tackled in just a few minutes, saving you both time and money. So, if you have a few spare moments, let’s address some common home hiccups and get your place shipshape in no time!

Unstick That Vinyl Window

Vinyl windows are excellent for insulation, but they can become hard to open due to dirt and grime buildup in the tracks. Banish the gunk by using a dry-type silicone spray, like 3M Silicone Spray, to lubricate the window tracks. Point and spray along the crevice, open the window, and wipe the inside of the track with a clean cloth.

Tame a Wobbly Shower Head

A wobbly shower head is a common annoyance, often caused by a loose pipe in the wall. Easily stabilize it by sliding the shower head trim ring away from the wall, then apply expanding foam, like GREAT STUFF Foam Sealant, into the hole beneath the pipe’s base. The foam will secure the pipe in place. Return the trim ring, and enjoy a steady shower head.

Silence Squeaky Wood Floors

Squeaky hardwood floors are a familiar nuisance, but you can hush them with a sprinkle of cornstarch. Apply it to the creaking area, then use a broom to work it into the gaps between the boards. The cornstarch acts as a dry lubricant, eliminating those annoying creaks.

Vanish Ugly Ceiling Stains

Ceiling stains caused by leaks can make a room appear rundown. Repair the leak first, then create a mixture of household bleach and water (1:5 ratio) in a spray bottle. Thoroughly spray the stain, and in a matter of hours, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the stain’s visibility.

Revive Reduced Faucet Flow

Hard water deposits and debris can obstruct faucet aerators. You don’t need a replacement; instead, remove the aerator screen at the end of the faucet and soak it in white vinegar overnight to dissolve hard water deposits.

Fix Loose Wallpaper Seams

Loose wallpaper seams are unsightly, but they’re a breeze to repair. Soften the loose paper with hot water and apply seam adhesive, such as Red Devil Wallpaper Repair Adhesive, beneath the loose section. Press firmly, wipe away excess, and it’s as good as new.

Hush Squeaky Doors

Squeaky doors are more of an annoyance than a problem. To silence them, use a lubricating spray like WD-40 on the hinge’s top crease. Use it sparingly and protect the door or jamb from overspray with a rag or paper towel.

End Banging Cabinet Doors

Noisy cabinet doors can be a quick fix. Install cabinet door bumpers, like GorillaGrit Cabinet Door Bumpers, on the inside edge to muffle the sound. Clean the cabinet door, position the bumpers, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Banish Unsightly Stains

Hard water can leave unattractive stains on fixtures. Create a paste with lemon juice and cream of tartar, apply it to the stains, and leave for an hour before rinsing. Your fixtures will look as good as new.

Seal Drafty Doors

Drafty exterior doors can lead to higher heating bills. Remove old weatherstripping and install new peel-and-stick weatherstripping for an airtight seal, using a weatherstripping kit like WeatherGuard Door Insulating Kit.

Ease a Stiff Door Lock

Corrosion and dirt can make door locks difficult to operate. Instead of replacing the lock, lubricate it by rubbing the key’s cuts with graphite or squirting powdered graphite into the lock’s opening.

Unstick Sticky Wooden Drawers

Sticky wooden drawers are a common issue, but they’re easily fixed. Apply paraffin to the bottom edges of the drawer to help it slide smoothly.

Combat Moldy Washer

A musty-smelling washer can be due to mildew. To banish it, put one cup of baking soda in the washer and run an empty load on the hottest water setting. Your laundry will smell fresh again.

Replace Dirty Filters

Changing the HVAC filter every two to three months (or more if you have pets) is essential for maintaining clean air quality and energy efficiency in your home.

Upgrade Outdated Bulbs

Swap out old incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Some even come with additional features, like built-in speakers.

Fill Tile Gaps

Spaces between tiles can be unsightly and promote mold growth. Fill them with waterproof siliconized acrylic caulk to maintain both aesthetics and hygiene.

Revive Worn Fridge Seals

Faulty refrigerator door seals can lead to air leakage and increased energy consumption. Replace them by removing the metal strip holding the old seal and attaching the new seals.

Check Detectors

Regularly check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working correctly.

Install Downspout Extensions

Prevent water from pooling around your home’s foundation by adding downspout extensions. This simple solution will protect your basement from leaks and foundation cracks.

Don’t procrastinate any longer; tackle these home repairs in just a few minutes, and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained home!

images sources : bobvila.com – istockphoto