2 Efficient Ways to Use Cedar Oil To Repel Ticks

Ticks can be very dangerous because, if they bite you, they can cause Lyme disease that is considered deadly if not treated, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever that can also be deadly because tricks can actually transmit those disease if they bite you (they can also transmit Powassan a deadly neurological disease). Fortunately, the medical developed cures for tick bites, by prevention is better than cure, and that is why you should use cedar oil.
Cedar oil is an essential oil that can be extracted from Atlas cedarwood that can be found in the atlas mountains of north Africa. The usage of cedar oil is not something newly discovered because its usage dates back to ancient Egypt where Egyptians used cedar oil embalm the dead. Cedar oil has health benefits as well, it can prevent dandruff, cool nerves, deal with congestion, and treat acne. After the historical and geographical lesson, we will see why cedar oil works and how to use it to repel ticks.

1- How cedar oil works

Cedar oil is considered an effective tick repeller because it sucks moisture out of the tick’s body, dehydrates the bug, messes up its pH levels, irritates its respiratory system, breaks down the fat in its body, blocks its scent receptors, and disintegrates the bug when it’s still developing. All of this causes ticks to malfunction and kill them while repelling the remaining survivors.

2- How to repel ticks using cedar oil

Find yourself an 8-ounce bottle and fill it halfway with boiled water and fill the rest with witch hazel, then add between 30 and 50 drops of cedar oil (you can add in any essential oil that you like to add up your favorite smell).

You can use another mix if you find the previous uninteresting. Mix 3 ounces of witch hazel with a tablespoon of cedar oil and 3 ounces of distilled water and pour the solution in a spray bottle. Once done, add in 10 drops of citronella oil, 10 drops of rose geranium oil and 5 drops of cedar oil. Close the spray bottle and shake to mix everything together and spray your clothes and skin every 20 to 30 minutes preferably outside the house.