4 Random Yet Helpful Uses For Duct Tape


When you think of tape, you probably think of a material used to cover holes or keep objects together. And you’re not wrong! But tape can also be used for certain health-related situations. After reading this list, we bet you’ll go out and stock up on the tape.

1. Removes Splinters

source: Medical News Today

Instead of digging into your skin with tweezers, try this painless method. Soak the splinter area in hot water and Epsom salt. This will help move the splinter closer to the surface. Pat the area dry and apply a piece of tape to the area. After about half an hour, slowly remove the tape. The splinter should come out with it.

2. Removes Warts

source: HealthLine

You can avoid the need to consult a specialist if you try this wart removal technique. Simply apply a piece of tape to the wart in question. Leave it in place and remove it every three to six days. During this time, use a cardboard or pumice stone file to rub the wart in before re-taping it – the wart will soon be gone!

3. Removes Ticks

source: Chicago Tribune / Gettyimages

When you notice that a tick has attached to you, you should get rid of it as quickly as possible. First, you should drown the tick by covering it with alcohol or Vaseline. Wait about 10 minutes, then carefully apply a piece of adhesive tape to the tick, creating a kind of fold. Use the adhesive tape to remove the tick. Be sure to hold the head firmly, which the alcohol or petroleum jelly will help you do.


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