Stop using Vaseline immediately! 4 reasons you should never put it on your skin


Almost everyone uses vaseline when their skin gets dry, but experts actually prohibits the usage of vaseline because it is harmful more than beneficial. The reason that lead the experts to coclude this is the the fact  that vaseline contains petroleum jelly a substance that is oftenly used in beauty products because it moisturizes the skin it. The fact that this substance is scent free and inexpensive makes it a popular skin care product.

What exactly is petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly is by product of the oil refining process such as kerosene, diesel fuel and gasoline, and yes petroleum jelly is not an eco friendly product. It was first discovered at the bottom of oil rigs and after refinement it was used in the beauty industry. Major companies claim that they eliminated all the dangerous elements by adding petroleum jelly to beauty products, nevertheless some sources are claiming that it still contains harmful elements like hydrocarbons.

Is petroleum jelly a viable skin moisturizing product?

Petroleum jelly is often mixed with baby products like lotions and creams because of its ability to create a protective skin barrier and hold moisture in.

Petroleum jelly hold many names like paraffin oil, liquid paraffin or mineral oil. Petroleum jelly in fact can be beneficial because of its moisture-trapping property but it’s properties are not limited only to whats beneficial it is also harmful, for example it’s waterproof property makes it to form a waterproof skin barrier that blocks the pores that results in trapping residue and bad bacteria. Also it is not recommended to apply petroleum jelly to burns and sunburns because the auto healing process of the skin.

Other Problems with Petroleum-Jelly

Even if petroleum jelly hydrates and moisturizes your skin it is not really a benefit for you, because the skin fails to metabolise it which makes it act as a barrier until it fades away. However, petroleum jelly is not beneficial to your body like other natural moisturizers, for example cocoa an shea butter.

Experts are concerned because petroleum jelly contains hydrocarbons. In a study conducted in showed the contamination effect on the body by mineral oil hydrocarbons, around 1 gram per individual. The potential ways that our bodies can be poisoned with are through food,inhalation, and through the skin.

Because of the barrier created by peroleum jelly, some people are concerned that it can cause collagen breakdown, another facter is that petroleum jelly slows down the capacity of the skin to breathe and absorb the needed nutrients which also cause collagen breakdown.  This highly affect the renewal of the cells and forces the skin to draw moisture and nutrients from within which leads to wrinkled and also collagen breakdown.

Petroleum jelly also contains xenoestrogens that can cause estrogen dominance, and high amounts of estrogen and very low levels of progesterone can lead to menstrual issues, allergies, sleeping issues, and infertility, and other health issues as well

Petroleum jelly alternatives

  • Cocoa butter
  • Shea butter
  • Beeswax
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil


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