4 Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without Using A Corkscrew


In the wake of a difficult day busy working, occasionally all you need when you return home is a decent glass of red. At the point when you have individuals coming over you additionally need to have the option to offer them a decent wine. On the off chance that you have deliberately chosen a pleasant container of wine just to get back home to find your corkscrew is mysteriously gone, you’re not going to be a cheerful camper. Anyway, what now; simply offer your visitors a glass of water? No need, in light of the fact that there are a huge amount of ways you can use to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

With a key

You can without much of a stretch screw the stopper from a jug utilizing only a key. Cautiously drive your key into the plug at a point. Attempt to push it in to the extent you can. Hold the jug with one hand and afterward begin turning the key. Continue turning while you gradually pull the key upwards; along these lines, you will unscrew the plug.


You’ll have the option to discover a few nails, a screwdriver and a mallet in basically every tool kit. Get one screw, a screwdriver and a sledge and you’ll have the option to open a jug of wine. What would it be a good idea for you to do? Cautiously screw the screw into the plug utilizing the screwdriver. Ensure you let around 3 centimeters of the screw standing out of the plug. Utilize the rear of the sledge to pull the screw (and along these lines the plug) out of the container.

Wooden spoon

For this stunt, you drive the stopper into the container without breaking the plug. Get a wooden spoon with a flimsy handle. Push the plug down with the handle and before you know it the stopper is inside the container and you can spill out the wine.


“You can never have such a large number of shoes,” is a sentence numerous a shoe sweetheart more likely than not spoken sooner or later. Shoes are multifunctional and this stunt demonstrates that once more. Plunk down on a seat and spot the jug topsy turvy between your knees. Cinch the jug firmly. Take a shoe with a level sole and utilize the sole to smack the base of the container. Continue rehashing this until the plug begins to slacken. Spot the jug upstanding again when the stopper nearly turns out and afterward essentially haul it out.