5 Beauty Tips From a Grandma


Wisdom, experience, and maturity are the things we want in a beauty icon. This is exactly why everybody need to obtain some valuable informations from their grandmothers when it comes to  beauty advice. Your grandma’s beauty tips may be all the beauty inspiration you need. Sometimes there’s no need to look things up on the Internet and search for hairstyles because your grandmother knows a lot of things concerning this subject.

That’s based on my personal experience.My mother’s mother and my father’s mother were both elegant women who maintained their fixed beauty programs  no matter how badly their health treated them in their later years!

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And so I’ve collected information from my own grandmothers, who have unfortunately passed, and my S.O.’s nana to compile a list of 11 grandma beauty tips that actually work. After all, you never know what amazing, helpful beauty advice is lingering just two generations before you until you ask.

1. No Soap

My grandma had the most beautiful skin I’ve seen in this world. So it makes sense that her foremost  tip is to “take care of your skin.” But the biggest no-no from her notes was avoiding soap on her face as much as possible.

Soap, like exfoliating cleansers and drying lotions, can be too harsh for sensitive faces. Instead of that , she opts for light and oil-based cleansers. It’s the perfect choice for a good cleansing routine.

2. Sleep Well

If there’s one thing that elderly ladies  have taught me, it’s that getting the enough sleep  is an important  part of your beauty routine. From my grandma to my mom to my older sister, they have all known that if you’re not getting enough rest at night, your skin and hair will likely look exhausted.

While it may be difficult to get the sleep you need every night, remember that doing so is a big foundation for healthy-looking skin. And then maybe turn off Making A Murderera little early and actually catch some snooze time.

3. Quality Over Quantity

As you can see, the woman loves her Chanel beauty products, and for good reason. “Cutting corners with your products won’t work,” she tells me, explaining that if you’re going to spend money on beauty products, you might as well spend an extra few bucks for quality ones with long-wear. Wise advice, Ma. Wise advice.

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4. Over-stressing hair is bad

We all know  that chemicals can take a big toll on our stand, but our hair’s aging process will factor in as well. I recommend keeping your product count low and only doing treatments when you feel it’s absolutely necessary.

5. Take Baths More Than Showers

I am a shower kind of person, however,I’m always taking more baths. Whenever I have time, I take a bath so I can relax all while stripping away  dead skin, moisturizing my skin, and calming my nerves. That doesn’t sound bad right? In fact, it’s a good excuse for a weekly bath!





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