5 Ways How to Treat Itchy Ears


One of the most annoying feelings is itchiness, it just makes you feel uncomfortable and puts you on your nerves, but the worst thing is when the spot you are trying to scratch can’t be reached. That particular case happens mostly in ear canals, the itchiness drives you crazy but you just stand there helpless.

Itchy ears can be mainly caused by the use of a hearing aid, ear infection, ear canal dermatitis (an allergic reaction), too much water in the ear (very common after having a swim) or psoriasis. In most cases, itchy ears are nothing to be afraid of, but if the itchiness is accompanied by hearing loss, bleeding, or draining, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

1. Alcohol and vinegar

Kick things off by mixing one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol, then using a dropper, drip a little bit of the blend in your ear and tilt your head sideways so that the mixtures can set in for a couple of seconds, then tilt your head the other way and drain. Make sure to use very little of the blend because it can dry your ear.

2. Warm oil 

Warm oil can soothe the itchiness. All you have to do is warm whatever oil you like up to a comfortable temperature and drip a couple of drops of it to your ear.

3. Hydrogen peroxide

Drip a one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide mixture into your ear using a small dropper to clean out excessive ear wax.