5 Ways To Make Your Dry And Pork Chops To Tender And Flavorful


I hardly ever make pork chops. It’s not because I don’t care for them, it’s because I can never seem to cook them the right way. Pork chops served at most restaurants are tender, flavorful, and juicy. But when I make pork chops at home, they usually end up being dry, hard, and have no flavor at all. Fortunately, there are some good tips that will help you with cooking good quality pork chops.

1. Know Your Cuts

The initial step to cooking the best pork chops lies in knowing precisely which cut you’re dealing with. Just like most meats, there are a lot of cuts accessible. With pork chops, the inside cut flank is commonly the softest, so is the slice you’ll want to purchase.

2. Pick A Thick Cut

When you’ve found that inside cut flank, attempt to pick the thickest choice accessible. Thick slices take somewhat longer to cook, yet they hold moisture better, which means your pork slashes will end up too delicate and juicy.

3. Marinate, marinate… marinate.

Marinating meats can regularly give them extraordinary flavor. However, the best way to guarantee they stay delicious is to marinate them in salt-water. Douse your pork chops in salt-water for a couple of hours before cooking them to keep them from drying out once presented to the high heat.