52 Most Common Uses of Honey you should know about


Honey is a food produced by bees and it is famous for its sweet taste and numerous remedies. If you have used a few home remedies in your life, then you have probably used honey in at least one of them. Don’t be surprised to know that honey can be used in multiple remedies because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties, not to mention that it is full of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, that is why honey has a wide spectrum of uses.

I personally use honey a lot in either home remedies or for cooking purposes. My family and I can be considered honey addicts because we use it a lot. I thought I knew a handful of honey uses, but it turns out that I was wrong. In this article, I am going to show you 50 honey uses you should know about. YES! 50.

  1. Relieve and build immunity to hay fever
  2. Treat acne
  3. Reduce a fever
  4. Promote shiny and moisturized hair
  5. Ease food poisoning symptoms
  6. Whiten teeth
  7. Fight allergies
  8. Reduce anxiety and promote calm dispositions
  9. Deal with chronic dandruff
  10. Counteract indigestion
  11. Pump up eyelashes
  12. Suppress nighttime coughing
  13. Improve digestion
  14. Relieve nausea
  15. Enhance brain function
  16. Help heal skin ulcers
  17. Treat a burn wound
  18. Soothe sore throats
  19. Smooth and moisturize dry skin
  20. Relief itchy, flaky scalp and heal lesions
  21. Increase metabolism and promote weight loss
  22. Stimulate hair growth
  23. Prevent bandage from sticking to scabs
  24. Protect hair from split ends
  25. Treat bronchial asthma
  26. Improve sleep during a cold
  27. Counteract a hangover
  28. Stimulate mental alertness
  29. Boost the immune system
  30. Treat constipation
  31. Treat asthma
  32. Promote sunburn healing
  33. Disinfect and soothe skin wounds
  34. Fight diarrhea
  35. Calm chills during a cold
  36. Halt hiccups
  37. Cleanse the liver and colon of parasites
  38. Reduce throat inflammation
  39. Calm a yeast infections
  40. Increase melatonin and promote healthy night sleep
  41. Treat urinary tract infections
  42. Alkalize the body’s pH level
  43. Treat athlete’s foot
  44. Reduce cholesterol levels and lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  45. Protect against cancer
  46. Improve blood circulation
  47. Ease a headache
  48. Treat and ease the pain of stomach ulcers
  49. Reverse fatigue and boost energy
  50. Promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria
  51. Promote strong bones
  52. Heal toothaches

As you can see, honey has so many amazing uses that can help you in various ways. However, despite the fact that honey is safe to use and consume, but it should not be given to infants under the age of 1.


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