6 Common Myths About Cast Iron Skillets That Most Of Us Believe.


Cooking is one of my preferred hobbies, and if I could recommend one bit of cooking hardware that everybody ought to have in their kitchen, it would be a cast iron skillet. Cast iron skillets can be used to cook such a many various dishes, and they include such an incredible kick of flavor to anything that’s being cooked in them. Be that as it may, there are loads of myths skimming around encompassing cast iron skillets, and the present the day to sort the record out! Here are six common believed myths about cast iron skillets that you don’t have to pay any mind to. Much obliged to Serious Eats for the data and motivation!

1. Never Wash Cast Iron With Soap

It’s generally accepted that washing cast iron with soap will demolish the deliberately developed flavoring. However, dish soap won’t really influence the layer of flavoring, so feel free to use it! Simply be certain not to absorb your cast iron skillet foamy water. Spotless and dry it as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

2. You Can’t Cook Acidic Food In A Cast Iron Pan

You may have heard that you shouldn’t prepare acidic nourishment (like tomatoes or onions) in cast iron dish in light of the fact that the corrosiveness can destroy the cast iron. Be that as it may, the sharpness shouldn’t really interact with the cast iron, as the layer of flavoring will be shielding it from the acridity.

3. Cast Iron Has The Best Non-Stick Properties

While heaps of cast iron (particularly containers that has been very much prepared) don’t will in general stick, cast iron doesn’t have the equivalent non-stick properties as non-stick dish produced using materials like Teflon. Just make