6 Efficient Ways & tips to Clean Glass Shower Doors By Grandma

Cleaning is a very hard house chore but when it comes to cleaning glass shower doors, it gets complicated even more because soap scum and hard water stains are really hard to clean, not to mention the ugly look. But, don’t lose hope yet because these next 6 tips will save you time and effort and they require cheap and easy to get elements.
1. Vinegar 
Vinegar is useful against hard water stains and soap scum that sits on your glass shower doors. To use vinegar, mix equal parts of liquid dish soap with white vinegar, then pour the blend in a spray bottle and give it a good shake for additional mixing. Once done, spray the mixture on the inside part of your glass shower door and let it sit for 30 minutes, then use a damp cloth to scrub everything up. When you’re done, wipe it dry and allow the air to circulate inside.
2. Baking soda
Another product that has many uses is baking soda, simply mix it with water until you have a paste then rub it on your glass doors using a sponge. Once done, rinse everything off using vinegar (much more effective) or water. When you finish doing that, wipe the door using a dry cloth.
3. Bar Keeper’s Friend 
This product is mainly used for stainless steel, but it is also an effective glass shower doors cleaner. Simply grab a sponge and pour the product on its abrasive side and start rubbing the door. Once done, use water to rinse and let some air in to dry the doors.
4. Pine-Sol 
This method cleans your glass shower doors and leaves you with a very nice smell in the bathroom. Simply mix 1/8 cup of Pine-Sol with half a gallon of warm water, then soak a rag in the blend and start wiping the doors. You can also pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray it directly on your doors. When you’re done cleaning, use warm water to rinse.
5. Lemon 
This is an all natural method. Grab a lemon and cut it in a half, then use the cut side to scrub the glass while squeezing the lemon half. Make sure to pass several times for ideal results, and once you’re done, use a damp towel to wipe the glass and to get rid of any lemon leftovers.
6. Magic Eraser
Magic Erase works wonders when it comes to cleaning glass shower doors. This is by far the easiest method, simply dampen the magic eraser and start scrubbing it on the soap scum and water stains until there’s nothing left. Your glass doors will look like new ones.