6 reasons why you should start using Castile soap


Castile soap is a soap that was invented in the Spanish region Castile, and since its release, it became a worldwide used product. The reason behind its success is the fact that it is made out of all-natural vegetable oil, and that what made people love it because natural is always better.

Furthermore, Castile soap has a blend of detergents that are responsible for its effect. As a matter of fact, Castile soap may be the only soap without any actual soap in it. Impressive, right? Without further ado, here are 6 reasons why you should start using Castile soap.

1. Often Organic, Vegan and Fair Trade

Castile soap is really unique because it isn’t made out of animal fats, it is actually made out of vegetable oil, and that sets it apart from the other soaps. Castile soap is the best option for those who chose to go with the vegan lifestyle. Furthermore, Castile soap has GMO-free and certified ingredients.

2. Doesn’t Encourage Super Bacteria

Liquid soaps are designed to kill bacteria, but they surprisingly encourage some hard to kill superbugs. The reason behind this is the fact that they are made out of an ingredient called triclosan which is a synthetic antibacterial ingredient registered as a pesticide with the EPA. Furthermore, the compound can interfere with the fetal development in pregnant women, cause allergies, thyroid dysfunction, inflammatory responses, and weight gain, as well as contributing to bacteria that resist antibiotics. Castile soap, on the other hand, is vegan-friendly and free from the harmful triclosan.

3. Lathers Easily

This is quite surprising, but a lot of natural soaps do not lather easily, leaving you with a bubble-free bubble bath because most natural soaps do not use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that causes the foaming effect (this product is actually toxic and there are approximately 16,000 studies that showed its dangerous effects, it can actually cause, severe skin irritation, labored breathing, eye damage, diarrhea, depression, and surprisingly, death). Castile soap, on the other hand, can produce a nice and consistent foam without it having a dangerous compound. The secret lies in the oils it has. The vegetable oils are turned into soap and glycerin because of the potassium hydroxide, and this means that you don’t need much water to get a lot of foam.



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