6 Things You Should Never Clean With Glass Cleaner.


Everyone has a bottle of glass cleaner at home. The blue liquid is usually helpful and handy for quickly cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass showers. But there are many things that you shouldn’t clean using this spray! Here is a list you can check to never do it wrong. Use a milder alternative for these things.

1. Screens

Do you have to clear oily fingers off a laptop, TV or phone screen? Try not to utilize glass cleaner for this! Truly, it degreases and cleans, but the solutions are regularly excessively grating for your electronic gadgets. Rather, pick a microfiber cloth with a smidgen of clean water or an exceptional cleaner for gadgets.

2. Skin

As of late, there was a tip on the web to turn around terrible self-leather treater results by using glass more clean. Supermodel Ashley Graham prescribed “cleaning” your skin with the blue fluid. Um, don’t do it! Glass cleaner is amazingly cruel for your skin and will dry it out.

3. Bleach

Never blend cleansers in with bleach. If you blend fade in with a cleaning specialist that contains smelling salts, which is in glass cleaner, a hazardous substance called chloramine will be discharged. This can be hurtful.


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