6 Things You Should Never Do In Order To Protect Your Feet


Between high heels and other uncomfortable sorts of footwear, our feet can be put through excruciating pain. So as to secure your feet and avoid foot issues, here are six things that can contrarily influence your foot wellbeing after some time.

1. Wearing Flip Flops constantly

Wearing flip flops every now and then in the warm climate is alright. Be that as it may, in the event that you live in flip slumps, your feet aren’t being offered much help. Moreover, wearing such uncovered shoes exposed you to a higher danger of contracting toe and parasitic diseases.

2. Avoiding The Socks

At whatever point you’re wearing a shut toe shoe, you ought to be wearing socks. In addition to the fact that socks prevent blisters, they offer protection from contagious diseases and terrible scents.

3. Going Barefoot

In case you’re continually going shoeless on hard surfaces, you should need to think about wearing a couple of thick socks or shoes. Going shoeless all the time can cause fat weakening in your feet, which can prompt numerous foot diseases.

4. Wearing Flats

A lot of women wear flats as they are very versatile. Be that as it may, flats give basically no help or shock absorption value. A thick-soled shoe with a slight curve (particularly running shoes) is a much better choice.

5. Wearing Only One Size

On the off chance that you just stick to one definite shoe size, you could be unconsciously harming your feet. Continuously decide on feel as opposed to a numerical size. The greatest number of variables can make the size and state of your feet change.

6. Overlooking Problems

On the off chance that you think you have toe growth, plantar fasciitis, a bunion, or some other sort of foot pain, you ought to counsel with your specialist. Overlooking foot pain will just make it progressively dangerous so don’t hesitate to look for treatment!