6 types of houseplants called “silver plants”


Here are the different types of houseplants that are called money plants, you can add them to your plant collection for fortune and prosperity.
Here is a list of 6 types of plants that are called money plants in different regions. You can add them to your home for greenery and fortune!

Types of plants called “silver plants”

1-Golden Pothos

Types of Plants that are Called Money Plants

Pothos is a popular specimen when it comes to the term “money plants”. It is associated with this name in many Asian countries, especially in South Asia, where people cultivate it to bring luck and money.

2-Chinese money plant

The coin-shaped green leaves fit in with any decorating style. Pilea peperomioides is thought to attract money and positive energy into homes.

3-The money tree

Types of Plants that are Called Money Plants 2

The green palmate leaves of the plant bring fortune to the owner. According to feng shui, it attracts money, as it produces five leaves per stem, and the number 5 is beneficial to practitioners as it symbolizes good fortune, money and health.

4-The jade plant

Plants with oval leaves are believed to bring money and fortune. The jade plant has these qualities, which is why it is usually offered at the opening of new businesses.

5-Rubber plant

Types of Plants that are Called Money Plants 3

The leathery, green, oblong leaves of the rubber tree denote Vastu luck, wealth and prosperity. Place it at the entrance of your office or home.


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