7 hotel maid cleaning secrets you’ll want to steal


If you are looking for health advice, you talk to a doctor. If you want help with your car, you go to a mechanic. So who do you turn to if you want the best advice for a quick but thorough cleaning? Hotel maids, of course! They have to clean so many rooms every day that they have made a science of cleaning. Good Housekeeping spoke to them and gathered their most useful tips, which we now pass on to you. Did you know that you should :

1. Vacuum before mopping.


Make sure you’re not just pushing around hair and large particles with your mop by vacuuming up as much as you can first. Your mopping will be that much more effective.

2. Let the cleaners do the work.

Holding a Spray Bottle

Whether you make your own or go the store-bought route, trust those fancy cleaners to do their job! Spray your surfaces and then move on to other tasks while they sit and soak. When you return, you won’t have to work nearly as hard; the cleaners will have done all the heavy lifting!

3. Carry a toothbrush.


No, you don’t have to wash your floors with it. Just always have one on hand to get those nooks and crannies other sponges and cloths can’t reach.

4. Clean the bathrooms last.


Save the germiest room in your house for last. That way, any bacteria or microbes are more likely to stay in one spot while you clean. No cross-contamination!

5. Clear the clutter first.


This first tip is all about avoiding laziness. When you start to clean, get rid of as much clutter and mess as you can— take out the trash, take towels and bathmats out of the bathroom, strip the bed, clear off counters and surfaces, etc. Not only will you feel like you’re getting a lot done very quickly, you’ll be less likely to clean around clutter and more likely to do a thorough job.

6. Whack the drapes.


In between deep cleanings, don’t vacuum your drapes and curtains— whack them with a hand towel instead and vacuum up the dust that falls to the floor! Turns out hand towels are just the right size to make the right impact without wearing out your arm.

7. Check the tags for quicker bed-making.


Don’t waste time rotating the sheets until they finally fit correctly. Instead, remember that tags always go on the bottom! On a king-size they’ll be on the left, and on the right for a queen.