7 Things In Your House You Should Clean Every Single Day.


Are you afraid of having a new task added to your to-do list? Well, don’t worry, these are things that you probably do from time to time anyway! But most of these things are usually forgotten by people even though they should be done every day. However, we made this list to remind you of doing these tasks every day to keep your home tidy and clean all week long.

Remember to clean these things every single day if you want a clean and fresh home to stay healthy in your environment.

1. Tea towels, kitchen towels, and dishcloths

Dishcloths are used o wipe away dirt every day, so don’t get surprised to know that they’re full of bacteria. Tea and kitchen towels are much dirtier than you think. And be honest, how many times do you replace your dirty towels for new clean ones? How much time does it take to do that? You should also replace the guest towels in your bathroom. They are probably disgusting after a one day use and they are a happy place for bacteria and gems.

2. Shower walls

This is an important thing most people forget to do; cleaning your shower walls. You don’t have to clean them by yourself, you can put a squeegee in your shower so whenever someone showers, they can use it to wipe the water from the shower walls and floors. This is not only going to get rid of the water from your walls, it’s also going to prevent limescale from building up in your shower, so you won’t have to do a lot of scrubbing later.

3. The kitchen counter

If you keep a spray bottle of your kitchen cleaner or all-purpose cleaner near your counter, it’s going to be easier for you to clean your kitchen before and after cooking. You don’t always have to scrub, wipe your kitchen counter in a few seconds using the cleaner spray and a cloth. The best time you can do this is when you’re done cooking, but you can also take a minute to clean it before cooking before you put all of your groceries on the counter before you cook them. So give it a quick wipe before and after you cook for the cleanest and healthiest kitchen.


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